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Your Dog, His Food and Me – Feeding Them the Best Food

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If you want your dog to stay fit, you need to become aware of the possible dangers associated with the wrong foods.

With the growth of the pet food industry, the health of the animals is no longer the sole concern of the farmers. Now, the health of the owners is at stake, too. But the only way to attain good pet health is by following the few simple steps outlined below.

Proper feeding is one of the first things to include in your daily routine. Your dog’s weight is determined by several factors, the primary of which is how much food he/she eats and the quantity that he/she eats.

Many dog foods contain an alarming amount of grains. This is an effort to make them look appetizing. The truth is, if you feed them too much and over-feed them, you will never obtain the healthy weight you are aiming for.

The ideal weight is considered to be between 15 to 22 pounds (e.g. a Boston Terrier or Basenji). This is the weight that you should aim for if you want the dog to live a long life.

The problem with a lot of the foods you see on the supermarket shelves is that they contain too much salt. It would mean trouble if they get heart disease. In order to prevent this, feed them foods containing low amounts of salt. Salt is very important in so many things in life. Whether it is in our food, our water, our toothbrush, and even our medicine. It is vital that they be in a safe range, according to their body’s capacity.

Always feed them a balanced meal. It would mean trouble if they became obese. You cannot be sure what effect it will have on their heart health. So always feed them the right amount. It would mean trouble if they gain weight and your veterinarian suggests feeding them fewer meals.

When you give them a raw diet, you know that what you are feeding them is only healthful for their body. Nothing else is added. This is so they can focus on eating the foods they love and can get the proper nutrients from. It is important to follow this diet for at least 6 months, longer if possible.

You should never give anything to your dog that they shouldn’t be eating. You should always monitor what they eat and keep them in a safe range. For example, DO NOT let your dog eat chocolate.

There are many books written on feeding your dog healthy food and giving them a raw diet. I highly recommend picking up a copy. It would mean so much to you and your dog.

Yes, I want my DOG to be the BEST!

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