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Shiba Inu – Facts You Must Know Before Adopting Shiba Inu

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Shiba Inu is originated from Japan. Shiba Inu dogs are vigilant, which is essential for a dog to assist in the hunt. They are well-muscled and low to the ground. With their muscular build, they can carry things for an extended period until the prey is distracted.

They have short legs that give them excellent speed and agility. These dogs have a compact head that is large and triangular. Their eyes are dark and alert, and they have small ears.

Shiba Inu dogs do not have a tail like other dogs. This breed of dog has a black tail tip that is stiff. It is covered with hair, but a shawl of hair covers the muzzle, which is smooth. The tail is held high, but the tip is often down and wavy. They usually weigh from 12 pounds to 16 pounds. The coat is thick, curly, and complex.

These dogs are trained to assist in the hunting of wild boar, deer, and rabbits. Shiba Inu dogs can be vigilant and intelligent, helping to prepare the owner to know when to bring up their dog to assist the hunter. Their size and build make them ideal for the task of carrying the food and equipment. Their stamina and strength make them perfect for retrieving the prey.

They are medium to large-sized dogs. I weigh from 16 pounds to 21 pounds, and I measured up to 26 inches from the shoulder to the withers. They are vigilant and energetic dogs that love to work but do need their owner to exercise a lot to keep them at their best. They love to hunt, but they are less suitable for families with small children and lots of children.

Shiba Inu dogs are susceptible, and this makes them dangerous when out in the open. They demand plenty of interaction with their human counterparts, with lots of play and exercise. Although this breed of dogs has an amiable temperament, they like to have their own space to be themselves, making them difficult to train if they feel neglected.

They were developed in Japan and were used as Japan’s wild dog. Their primary function was to guard the houses of Japanese nobility. They were used to track down and attack deer and boar. Today many of the Shiba Inu dogs are still used as guard dogs. Most of these dogs live between 8-16 years. They are very loyal to their master and can be challenging to train.

Although they are very well-bred and intelligent, the only real worry is how much exercise and mental stimulation they require.

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