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Dog Shedding – What to Look For

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Did you know there are over 350 Dog Breeds recognized worldwide, with most breeds falling into one of 10 breed groups?

  1. American Pit Bull Terrier – Pit is from the word pit, which is German for the mound. This breed is known for its enormous jaws, powerful bite, and bold temperament.
  2. Akita – Also known as Japanese Chin – Japanese means serpentine in Japanese, and Taita means seal in Japanese. This breed is gentle, loyal, and intelligent.
  3. American Eskimo Dog – This breed is based on the dogs of the British Isles and Greenland Sea Islands. These dogs originated from dogs that were captured by sailors and sold in the British Isles. American Eskies have a smooth coat, small cranial dome, small pointed ears, short tail, webbed feet, and thick fur. This breed is alert, affectionate, and playful.
  4. Australian Cattle Dog – This dog breed is said to have originated in Australia and New Zealand and is considered to be the oldest pure breed of dogs in the world.
  5. Basenji – This breed is often referred to as African Wild Dog – Basenji is kind of a mix between a wild dog and a fox. It stands between 22 and 25 inches tall, weighs between 80 and 120 pounds, and has a double coat that is smooth, short, and semi-hard coat.
  6. Biewer Terrier – Biewer is one of the oldest breeds in the world. It was called the North American Wolf Terrier. This breed has a smooth coat with some shedding and is very easy to groom. Biewer Terriers make lovely pets but are not recommended for small children.
  7. Border Terrier – Border has been recorded as around 7000 years old. This breed is an evolution of the Biewer Terrier and belongs to the Terrier group. It has a coat that is short, smooth, and very easy to groom. They are social and make great family pets.
  8. Boston Terrier – This breed is thought to be developed around the 12th century. Its name is a mix of Boston Terrier and Italian Mastiff. The owners of this breed will always keep in mind the first motto, “Tota in tempo stato” or Time is in the Dog’s Hands. Its coat is soft and smooth with moderate shedding, but it needs grooming and combing every few weeks to keep the skin free of mats.
  9. Cairn Terrier – Cairn is one of the most miniature dogs in the world. It belongs to the Beagle Terrier group. Cairn terriers make great family pets but are not recommended with small children.
  10. Doxie – Doxie is a toy dog that is also known as a Spitz Terrier. It is an ancient breed that was known to have been developed in Germany around 900. Doxies do not shed and are incredibly gentle. They are very social, making them an excellent choice as family pets. They make great pets for children.

One of the points to remember when choosing the right dog for your family are the dog’s personality. Do not choose a dog that’s not suited for your family. Your dog must be compatible with you, your family, your friends, and your children. A few dogs that are aggressive with humans are generally those that are considered to be shy or timid. Keep in mind that not all dogs shed, but every dog needs to be groomed.

Before purchasing a dog, determine whether or not it should be trimmed. It’s essential to take the dog to a place where you can take care of the dog’s grooming needs. You might determine your dog’s grooming needs by looking at the dog’s coat.

If the dog has long fur, you may need to brush its skin every few days. If it has short hair, you can brush it once a week or maybe even every couple of weeks. Remember that dogs with longer fur, such as Greyhounds or St. Bernards, need more frequent grooming. It would help if you used dog grooming tools to brush the dog.

Always use dog grooming tools when grooming your dog. You can purchase grooming tools at your local pet store. These tools are designed to help you keep your dog adequately groomed. If you do not know where to purchase dog grooming supplies, I suggest you browse the internet for pet grooming tools and grooming supplies.

Look for a page that shows you products for grooming your dog. You can find plenty of canine grooming supplies on the internet that you can purchase. In the end, if you do your homework well and you buy the right product, it will make your life more convenient.

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